Reviews On Our Gold Appraisals From Clients Across Tulsa

Found Abby’s online and decided to stop by and try to sell my gold and Abby was extremely professional and welcoming and gave the best deal in town! Was offered almost double what a few other gold buyers offered me. So glad I came to Abby’s to sell my gold, she is now my go to place for any jewelry needs!

Justin Marshall

I absolutely adore Abby! She is so sweet and always willing to help even if you aren’t selling her anything! She also has some beautiful jewelry in her stores and really does offer a service unlike any other. She treats you like family, and offers the best prices in town!

Cara Whited

Stopped by a few gold buyers in town. Was offered half as much at Tulsa Gold and Gems as I was at Abby’s. She literally offered me double what they did! Never going anywhere else.

Machelle Dale

Abby’s is my go to place when I’m looking to sell any gold/silver/coins/diamonds etc. From past experience, I have always received the highest prices for my jewelry regardless what it was, at Abby’s. I used to shop around trying to find which gold buyer would give me the best price. After realizing Abby’s always gave me significantly more money for my jewelry (usually about 25% more) I stopped going anywhere else. Now I go straight to Abby’s anytime I need to sell anything! Guaranteed to leave a happy customer! I always do.

Jennifer Cortez

I came in to appraise my bracelet and two gold rings. They gave me the highest price from two other gold buyers I went to. Abby was very nice and friendly. I will defiantly come back.


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